PHP Serbia creators present you GrowIT

Full Stack Conference 2018

Welcome to first GrowIT conference, the beginning of a new tradition. The idea is to gather IT experts, beginners, enthusiasts, devotees, business owners, students and everyone interested in technology. The purpose of this event is to contribute to our IT community. The main goal is to help out attendees introduce themselves to each other and make valuable connections. And our lecturers will be covering various significant and interesting tech and programming oriented topics.

December 1 - 2 in Master Centar, Novi Sad
Featured Speakers
Lemi Orhan Ergin
Co-Founder & Agile Software Craftsman at Craftbase
Ben Linders
Trainer, Coach, Adviser, Author, Speaker
Ahsan Ayaz
Google Developer Expert in Angular and Ionic & MEAN developer
Andrea Provaglio
Agile Executive Coach, Agile Enterprise Coach, Keynote Speaker, Mentor
Are you ready to join GrowIT and become a part of a new tradition?
Cultural diversity and enthusiastic people will make you feel welcome.
Why GrowIT?
GrowIT is a brand new event with the goal of becoming an annual IT conference
Developers 2 Developers

We believe programmers should be helping each other by exchanging ideas and sharing their experience – simple as that.

Since the main idea behind this concept is to gather developers who can help each other by exchanging ideas and sharing experiences, you will be able to participate in discussions with highly experienced developers and hear more about some of the programming languages.

Plus, you’ll hear about it from developers who are highly experienced on that matter.

Business Track
So you are 'Agile', huh?

We will focus on methods that can help teams succeed, starting with some helpful advice about how to be in charge of a project and meet the expectations.

The Agile methodology will be one of the topics we will cover, such as – how to make it work and what does it take to successfully implement this methodology to your business.

Some of the frequently asked questions will involve the importance of having HR managers or HR department. We will discuss all the pros and cons of having HR managers on board and what should be their role within the tech team.

Job Fair
Grow your career

The Job Fair is open for everyone – whether you’re a Junior, Intermediate or Senior Developer, for students and people who are striving to be self-educated, for anyone who is willing to learn and meet potential colleagues and employers.

This event is mostly about getting to know people and getting informed about the market needs. Visitors will be introduced to each other, as well as to some top-notch IT companies.

Oh, and one more thing (in case you were wondering) – A Job Fair can’t be hosted without gifts. Get in line for some useful souvenirs!

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