Milan Puvača: I strongly believe in knowledge sharing and making new ideas out of it.

Milan Puvača: I strongly believe in knowledge sharing and making new ideas out of it.

Milan Puvača: I strongly believe in knowledge sharing and making new ideas out of it.

What motivated you to speak at our conference?

I like to talk 🙂 Especially if it means to talk about my passion, IT work and current projects – it is always a pleasure to share some experience with the public. It’s really a coincidence that I found GrowIT conference online (or maybe it found me?!) so I decided to apply as a speaker. I strongly believe in knowledge sharing and making new ideas out of it. Who knows what can be achieved from one little speech – new approach, project, team or “just” new interesting people…

What drives you to do what you do? Where do you find your daily motivation?

I don’t remember a day when it was hard to get up out of bed because of what I do. Since, every day is a new challenge, possibility and opportunity – first thought in the morning is “what can be new today?”. Working what you love makes enjoyment in every day. Of course, there are ups and downs always, but in general, working with smile on your face is one of the most important things in life.

Widening a network of people, coworkers and clients is great motivation. Delivering high quality projects within time and budget is a challenge which makes most stresses but also provides a lot of joy. Building healthy working environment for progress and development is something what makes my day. Small steps every day.

You got into entrepreneurship 15 years ago; how difficult was it to enter the ICT world back then?

We couldn’t say that back then that was a startup. First of all, no one knew that it was called a startup. Secondly, I took over business from my mother who had a tailor saloon. Since my sewing skills were really low, somehow, I started to think about how great it would be to grow own IT company. In that time, I was researching computer equipment, assemble – dissemble – brake situations occurred at least once a day but it was a process to learn that there’s nothing you can’t do with great will and huge persistence.

Around the age of 17 I got first client. Even though that was a family friend I wanted to show that I am able to handle hardware and software maintenance challenges. And I made it. After that, step by step I was finding other clients and decided to stay in Osijek on University and in order to widen a company. That time was a period when everybody had an IT (computer) company or driving school. On the other side, I am barely legal age – so whatever I tried to make more serious look, got rejected mostly because my age. Maybe that frustration gave me even more stubbornness and led to 15 years of experience in IT business. There was no YouTube or similar service where you’d find information about some problem in a sec and of course there was a lot of trial and error occasions until you find a way which works. In short…I’d say that those were different challenging times back then.

Today, apart from hardware department which still exists in company, we are mainly in web development and digital marketing business. Team of 15 members is gaining knowledge, making kick ass projects and sharing a passion to quality work and satisfied customer. Who would expect that from just an optimistic kid?!


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