GrowIT and Agile Humans

GrowIT and Agile Humans

GrowIT and Agile Humans

We are extremely pleased to announce the collaborative partnership between GrowIT and Agile Humans. We share the same vision of growth as it relates to optimizing the potential of human beings connected to technology.

The quest is one of excellence, continuous learning, and collaboration. This is how we will build fulfilling careers and a vibrant economy that benefits companies locally, nationally and beyond.

The GrowIT conference is an important gathering where IT professionals, and those who are looking to become IT professionals, can engage together to learn, share and innovate in areas that are defining the future world of work in technology and beyond. Agile Humans, as an organization, provides the educational and training infrastructure from which to develop agile cultures and the human side of business agility.

Agile Humans is endorsing the Agile track at this important conference. Jasmina Nikolic from Agile Humans will moderate a panel session around the developers’ career life cycle in today’s work environment and for the future.

GrowIT and Agile Humans together aim to facilitate connections, promote integration, create opportunities, foster excellence, and encourage community building.


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