What is GrowIT?

GrowIT is a brand new, 2-days long IT conference. The concept of this event consists of gathering IT professionals and those who are looking to become IT professionals around a few common causes – knowledge, technology and career.

GrowIT will take place in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia and it will be visited by significant number of members of various IT communities from all over the Europe. We intend to bring programmers closer to business owners and entrepreneurs. The idea is to improve and simplify their potential cooperation by speaking about methodologies, teams, and correlation between tech and non-tech parts of the project.

IT communities are growing and changing rapidly, just like technology itself does. Learning about one particular programming language or framework is not enough. Let’s bring attention to learning more about others – are communities outside the Balkans different and how, what do they look like on the inside and what can we learn from each other?

Agile methodology is being considered as a buzzword lately. We believe this should change because there’s much more to it.

Each team needs some kind of internal planning, structure, and strategy. But it’s getting difficult to successfully apply the Agile methodology to it. We will try to fix it together and solve some common challenges that are creating a gap between purely tech and business-oriented parts of the team.

Promise we won’t be mentioning Agile methodology just for sake of mentioning it – we will actually present you the facts in favor of it. Let’s make it work.

Don’t worry – this event is not going to be all work and no fun. Novi Sad has a lot to offer – this city is just one hour from Belgrade, the capital city and it is full of young people, mostly students. Novi Sad is a hometown to many famous music festivals, such as EXIT but it also has many historically significant sights. It’s suitable for both drivers and pedestrians and you can enjoy it any time, day or night. Friendly people and cultural diversity will make everyone feel welcome.

Masterminds Behind Conference

We are dedicated IT professionals who are involved in numerous IT organizations. We founded or got involved in PHP SerbiaAgilizingAgile Coaching SerbiaIT Serbia PodcastLaravel Belgrade. In the past five years, we organized six big conferences with over 3000 participants. PHP Serbia programming community is something we are proud of the most, with more than 5000 active members.

More info about us: Grow IT.

Events We Organized So Far

PHP Serbia Conference 2018

Third all-round PHP conference.
600+ attendees.
22 topics.
20 speakers (USA, EU, Africa).
3 days.

PHP Conference 2017

Second all-round PHP conference.
Keynote speaker – Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP.
500+ attendees.
24 speakers.
21 topics.
2 tracks.

PHP Conference 2016

First all-round PHP conference.
500+ attendees.
11 topics.
9 speakers (USA, EU).
2 days.
1 track.

SoliDay 2015

SOLID Principles conference.
450+ attendees.
6 topics + workshops.
6 speakers (USA and EU).
1 track.

T-Day 2014

First Serbian conference dedicated to testing.
250+ attendees.
9 topics.
8 speakers.
1 track.

Google Code Day 2014

Collaboration between Google and PHP Serbia.
First presentation of Google Glass in Serbia.
300+ attendees.
16 speakers.
11 topics.

Amazing Companies We Collaborate With

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