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Branding – the best known way to reach out to people. This part of the deal implies we’d have your branding on various surfaces, video materials, and places – in the venue, on the ticket, on swag bag, on the event website and slides and in the videos that will be shown during speeches.

You’d be mentioned and highly recommended via social media and in every press release, as the prime participant in making this event possible. We would show appreciation by using every single opportunity we get and make sure your brand is recognized as a synonym of quality and reliability.

You’d be our guest at the VIP dinner party. We offer you two invitations for this dinner.

You’d receive 5 free tickets to the conference and you’d get a 50% discount on all of the rest.

Your booth would be located as the central figure in the venues’ lobby area with its default setup and you would be able to modify it according to your own needs and ideas. Changing its shape or size and adding details and custom-made design would be entirely up to you. Your booth would remain at its place during the entire conference.

We’d offer you a long-term collaboration – we hope we can have a successful cooperation in the future, the same way we are hoping to turn this conference into an annual event. Our goal is a productive long-term partnership.

Once again – you’d be spoken of. Your company would be the topic between the lectures and the presentation would be available for our audience to see and hear more about you.

Each visitor would find promotional materials, gifts and flyers with your brand on them in their swag bags.

You would make valuable connections and gather contact information from attendees during the entire event (everything would be done according to GDPR)

12.000,00€ + VAT 20%
Only 1 spot available


We’d make your appearance memorable – your branding would be displayed in the venue, on the event’s website and in the slides that will be showed during our guests’ speeches.

We would talk, write, tweet and use all kinds of online and offline resources to speak highly of you. You’d be mentioned on social media and during press releases as well.

You’d be entitled to 3 free conference tickets and you would get a 35% discount on all other conference tickets.

You’d be getting the standard booth (with its default setup), and you’d be free to modify it by changing its shape, size and design.

We’d offer you a long-term partnership. We’d be happy to turn both this conference and our collaboration with you into an outstanding tradition.

You’d have the opportunity to apply for speaking at the conference.

You’d get to introduce yourself to the audience between the speeches – we offer you to show your company’s presentation.

Flyers, gifts and promotional materials with your brand on them would be included in each attendees’ swag bag.

You’d be able to collect valuable contact information during the conference (everything would be done according to GDPR).

8.000,00€ + VAT 20%
Only 2 spots available


We’d include your branding on events website, on swag bag, in the slides that are being displayed during the speeches and in the venue itself. We’d make sure your presence is noticed and valued.

We’d show our appreciation and spread the good word via social media.

You would get 2 free tickets to the event and you’d have 20% off for rest of conference tickets.

Your booth would be positioned in the venue’s lobby area during the entire conference.

Your brand would be in the swag bags – each attendee will be able to find flyers and gifts with your name and logo on them.

4.000,00€ + VAT 20%
16 spots available


Your branding would be displayed on the event website and in the venue, so the attendees and online visitors can see it.

We’d mention your good work and your contribution to this event on social media. Remember – we couldn’t have done this without you!

500,00€ + VAT 20%

If you wish to sponsor our event or should you need any further information, feel free to contact us!
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