Show your brand’s futuristic orientation

Luckily, the importance of conferences is recognized within the community and it seems like more and more people, both programmers and entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the importance of hosting, visiting and supporting this kind of events.

GrowIT represents the chance to exchange knowledge and widen the pool of possibilities when it comes to career.

  1. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear about companies that are helping us host this conference.
  2. All visitors will see video presentations, slides and hear speeches about our partners and their brands.
  3. Every contribution will be mentioned on social media or through press releases.
  4. Making connections and discovering talents is the inevitable part of the conference.
  5. Members of your team attending the conference will also hear some useful lectures and pick up on some new, interesting information.
  6. The opportunity to create long-term partnerships is too good to pass.
  7. You’d be part of the tradition in making.
If you wish to sponsor our event or should you need any further information, feel free to contact us!
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Stay tuned!