Conference Speakers
We are bringing the finest industry experts
Lemi Orhan Ergin
Co-Founder & Agile Software Craftsman at Craftbase
Ben Linders
Trainer, Coach, Adviser, Author, Speaker
Ahsan Ayaz
Google Developer Expert in Angular and Ionic & MEAN developer
Andrea Provaglio
Agile Executive Coach, Agile Enterprise Coach, Keynote Speaker, Mentor
Bruno Škvorc
Cryptocurrency/blockchain at Bitfalls.com & Helmsman at Coin Vendor
Dragan Stefanov
Technologist & Entrepreneur
Tanay Pant
Programmer, Author and Tech Speaker at Mozilla Foundation
Bogdan Begović
Head of FrontEnd and Mobile Engineering at Arbor Education Partners
Ivan Čuljak
Software Engineer and Owner at transpose.xyz
Lars Haßler
Developer | Coach | Speaker and Consultant
Tobias Modig
Software Development Consultant at Citerus
Nenad Lasković
From a software developer to a product and project manager
Michiel de Wit
Co-founder of start.me
Milan Puvača
PhD. Owner Ofir Ltd.
Jure Čuhalev
CTO @ The Open Education Consortium
Andrey Salomatin
Programmer, product manager, podcaster
Bogdan Kecman
Principal Technical Engineer at Oracle & VP of Engineering at PiipMobile AG
Saša Sekulić
Mobile Lead, Android expert
Andreas Heigl
Nikola Krgović
Senior System Engineer at Twin Star Systems
Nara Kasbergen
Senior Full-stack engineer at National Public Radio
Nikola Đuza
Battle-tested JavaScript and Ruby on Rails engineer at Toptal
Antonio Perić-Mažar
CEO and Co-Founder at Locastic
Pauline Vos
Software Engineer & Scrum Master at Werkspot
Zoran Horvat
CEO at Coding Helmet Consultancy
Luka Kladarić
Chaos Manager & Software Engineer
Jean-François Gagné
Infrastructure Engineer and MySQL Expert
Pim Elshoff
Programmer, coach & speaker
Milan Keravica
Software Developer at Execom
Dušan Zamurović
Data Engineer at Casumo
Miloš Solujić
CTO of GNation
Nikola Živković
Team Lead & Scrum Master at Vega IT Sourcing
Saša Grahovac
Software Developer at Execom

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