MySQL Scalability and Reliability Considerations for Replicated Environment

Jean-François Gagné
Infrastructure Engineer and MySQL Expert
MySQL Scalability and Reliability Considerations for Replicated Environment

You have a working application that is using MySQL: great!  At the beginning, you are probably using a single database instance, and maybe – but not necessarily – you have replication for backups, but you are not reading from slaves yet.  Scalability and reliability were not the main focus in the past, but they are starting to be a concern. Soon, you will have many databases and you will have to deal with replication lag.  This talk will present how to tackle the transition.

We mostly cover standard/asynchronous replication, but we will also touch on Galera and Group Replication.  We present how to adapt the application to become replication-friendly, which facilitate reading from and failing over to slaves.  We also present solutions for managing read views at scale and enabling read-your-own-writes on slaves. We also touch on vertical and horizontal sharding for when deploying bigger servers is not possible anymore.

Are UNIQUE and FOREIGN KEYs still possible at scale, what are the downsides of AUTO_INCREMENTs, how to avoid overloading replication, what are the limits of archiving, …  Come to this talk to get answers and to leave with tools for tackling the challenges of the future.

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