Turning gray hairs to your advantage

Michiel de Wit
Co-founder of start.me
Turning gray hairs to your advantage

These are interesting times. The IT domain is now over half a century old and a lot of pioneering is now in the past. Software engineering has become a much more traditional job, and not just some hobby for the youngsters. As a consequence, the IT workforce is starting to show some grey hairs. Since software development is still a relatively young discipline, older (35+) developers often struggle with their plans for the future. How do they fit in with the younger generation? Will they be able to continue developing softeware until their pension? What are the prospects for older developers? Do they have to start looking out for a job outside the field? Or can they put their grey hairs to their (and their team’s) advantage? In my talk I explore these issues, show examples of older developers and how they did or did manage to stay relevant. I question the traditional Developer – Team lead – Project leader carreer path and show how Agile actually opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

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